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Hippopotamus (Hans Scherfig poster / illustration)

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Poster size: 30 x 40 cm.

English: Hippopotamus

English: Hipopotamus

Another one of the classic Hans Scherfig posters / illustrations. One of many pictures with the classic jungle / rainforest as a background and the amazing animals: Elephants, hippos, tigers, lions, tapirs.

Hans Scherfig (1905-1979), Danish author and visual artist, born in 1905 in Østerbro in Copenhagen. The father was director of the Hoffenberske Etablissement - a large printing house. The home was bourgeois, the parents conservative, but had according to. Scherfig nevertheless a humanistic view of man. In 1924 he became a student of the Metropolitan School and began to study zoology, but after his first painting exhibition in 1928 he gave up his studies.