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A little fairy tale

A long time ago, when people in the countryside in Denmark wore clogs and children did not go to school as they do now, there was also an invisible helper on most farms. It was a pixie or a farmhand. If you had seen him from a distance, you would have thought it was a little boy with a red hat, but if you got closer to him, he looked more like a little old man.

Now almost no one had seen him, but people knew he was there and that one should be good to him, put out a portion of porridge in the evening and talk nicely about him. Because if Santa was fine, everyone else on the farm was fine too. Now you know a little about goblins, so now this story begins from a time when candles in the living rooms were a kind of candle that you made yourself, and which you saved by going to bed early. When the rooster crowed at 5 o'clock in the morning, the hard work of the day began.

On a small farm with a thatched roof and clay-lined walls lived a family with both small and large children. In the barn there were cows and pigs, and the hen house was full of chickens and chickens. So Santa had enough to look after. Every night it was he who watched over all living things, he knew the language of the animals and knew if they were well. Santa's ears could pick up even the faintest sounds, and one evening as he was walking around the yard in the dark, as he used to, he heard something rattling down in the back garden. Was it the fox? Then it was about protecting the hen house and getting the fox on other thoughts. Santa was waiting - nothing happened for a long time, then he slipped carefully forward and was very surprised, because behind a bush he saw instead of the fox's red tail a red Santa hat! He had not seen other elves hats or elves for many years, but he could see it was an elves wife under the hat and that she looked very startled. Santa probably knew how to talk to the animals and help the people on the farm, but right now he did not know what to do or say.

It was the pixie wife who broke the silence. "Hello or is it called goodnight?" She smiled a little. "Sorry, but do you know a farm nearby that lacks a pixie?" And then she told at breakneck speed how she had lived on a large mansion with her parents and siblings and a throng of animals and people. Now the time had come to try what she herself was capable of, she said. Could she make people feel that she was there to help them? Now you need to know that when goblins get very happy or very angry, then their goblins hat lights up red. They are invisible or gray when they fit their work quietly. Right now, both Santa hats shone dimly red, so happy were they to talk together.