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Tivoli Poster from 1943

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Tivoli Poster from 1943

Ib Andersen

Ib Andersen (1907-1969) was a Danish artist, graphic artist and architect. He is best known as a cartoonist for Politikens Magasinet from 1927 and into the early 60s. But Ib Andersen's production is far more extensive than this, as he also developed in the visual arts, applied graphics and architecture. The breakthrough as a poster designer came with the poster for the British Exhibition in 1932, and over the years ran up to a total production of about 25 posters.

From architecture to Tivoli
Ib Andersen's posters are characterized by a fascination for typography and architecture, and how these can play together in the image and construct new compositions. In particular, the earlier works are inspired by the French poster icon A.M. Cassandre and his cubist and dynamic image constructions. However, this surface cultivation is replaced over the years with a more atmospheric or romanticized style, as can be seen on the well-known Tivoli poster from 1943 (reprinted 1952).

Size: 62 x 85 cm .