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Turning Angels mobile

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Turning Angels

Designed by Ole Flensted

Turning Angels is a successful reinterpretation of the classic angel riots in the range at Flensted Mobiler.

In this Christmas mobile you get, with the stylized angels, simpler lines. At the same time, the use of materials, lines and the shape of the angels provide both a shadow play on each of the three angels - and on the wall behind them.

Turning Angels also has a charming little detail that always creates effect and catches the viewer's eye: When the light shines through the angels' little hearts, you can clearly see dancing hearts in the fantastic shadows on the wall.

Size 40x35 cm

"Universal movement":
"Without comparison otherwise, the mobiles from Flensted Mobiler seem to have some of the same qualities as H.C. Andersen's fairy tale or the LEGO brick, namely the ability to work for most people. Across national borders, cultural, linguistic and religious boundaries. There seems to be something universal about the positive impact of mobile phones on people and space. ”

From the anniversary book "Movement and balance"